Competitions / Leagues

Ninja is a fun way to workout, but it's also a sport. As with all sports, there is an opportunity to show your competitive side. Ninja competitions help improve strength in a challenging, yet supportive environment. At Four Star Ninja Academy, we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience ninja in all its glory. We currently have 3 leagues for ninjas ages 6 through Master (age 40+)! 

Northstar ninja games

The Northstar Ninja Games was created by Four Star Ninja Academy to introduce local athletes of all ages to a ninja competition. This is a beginners league that allows ninjas of all abilities and ages the opportunity to experience a ninja competition. Athletes compete with others in their same age group and runs are based on total points. In the event of a tie, it comes down to the fastest time. 

Prizes include Four Star Ninja swag and free open gym passes and/or memberships. 

Northstar Ninja Games winners for ages 11 and 12. Local ninjas amateur league.

NCNS - North CENTRAL ninja series


We are excited to announce that we have joined the North Central Ninja Series, exclusive to residents in ND, SD, MN, WI, and IA. Gym owners from 5 states have teamed up to be a part of this regional league. Each gym will host a qualifier, and at the end of the season one gym will host the finals. This is great opportunity to gain experience at other gyms in the region and compete without having to travel cross-country for finals.

 Each gym qualifier will have $700 in prizes and/or cash. 

FINA - Federation of Ninja Athletics


We joined the Federation of International Ninja Athletics (FINA) because they follow our business model - it is not us against each other, but us against the obstacles. FINA gives you the opportunity to compete with ninjas from all over. 

The founders of FINA have been collectively active within the ninja community as athletes, gym owners, and parents since 2013. Identification of what was missing from the sport, and close to two years of conversations and planning, led to the birth of FINA. This league prides itself in event uniformity, without taking away the creativity or flavor of each gym.

The value that athletes receive from a FINA event is second to none. The ability to pick which type of course suits an athlete, or run two courses provides value!  We understand that people have a limited amount of “Ninja Dollars“, so making sure that we pack a ton of value onto each event is our top priority!

The sport has grown exponentially, but not without saturation. Helping gyms, athletes, and the sport all grow together at a healthy pace is the most important thing that a league can provide. FINA works actively with affiliate gyms to aid their growth, and bring as many athletes to their events as possible